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Wish Flowers

Make a Wish, Plant a Seed

Wish Flowers is a large-scale art installation by Cathy Le that reimagines the traditional Asian practice of using joss paper, which is typically burned to send wishes to passed loved ones. While this custom holds deep cultural significance, it poses environmental challenges, such as air pollution and safety hazard. This project offers a modern twist, transforming the ritual into a celebration of growth and renewal by turning wishes into flowers.


Participants are invited to write their wishes on joss paper and fold them into origami tulips. These tulips are then placed into a custom-built peg board, creating a large, interactive QR code. When scanned, the QR code leads back here where you can learn more about the piece. The vibrant display symbolizes the collective hopes and dreams of the participants, merging traditional art with modern technology.


After the show, all the joss paper will be shredded and recycled into seed paper. By planting this seed paper, the wishes will metaphorically and physically grow into flowers, symbolizing the nurturing of dreams into reality. This transformation not only honors the cultural heritage of joss paper but also emphasizes environmental consciousness and the beauty of sustainable practices.

Make a Wish for Yourself, Someone Else, or a Passed Loved one

To fold an origami tulip, you can refer to the below video or picture tutorial

How Wish Flowers Came To Be

Check out "How Wish Flowers Came to Be" and see the story behind the installation.

These progress photos show the evolution of the project, from early ideas to the finished piece.

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