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Artist Statement

      My art explores human perception and how we interpret data. Humanity survives off of deriving meaning from seeing, converting the jumble of visual information and the chaos of the natural world into concepts that are more easily absorbed.  Our minds remain vulnerable to deception as it is bound by the very meanings it creates.

          We break the complex into fundamental units of lines, forms, and colors to understand it. Only our interpretation of these elements changes what we see as we teter between what is abstract and what it “real”. Objects have value only because we give it value; reality is only real because we deem it so. Everything is anything and simultaneously nothing.

          There is a beauty in systematic processes of methodical collecting and organizing. Spontaneous patterns and rhythms start to appear in seemingly random data. In this it is easy to get lost, but we often retract back to the familiarity of simplicity to avoid being overwhelmed.

          Computers process information in a way similar to how human brains function as they both turn inputted data into meaningful elements. A computer can be taught how to interpret stark data, while we are usually left stuck in abstraction, unable of processing what we haven’t yet learned. My work often uses QR codes because they are comparable to people. We tend to overlook both, judging them externally as they all look broadly alike despite their unique nuances. It is not until we finally stop and make the effort to delve deeper into who they are that the information they hold is revealed. I ask the viewers to evaluate what their minds can and can’t understand and be a more active participant in every experience.


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